Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wed. and Thurs.

Daddy was off yesterday. We spent the day outside.

This picture is NOT my best side! Rob took it when I was helping Travis on his bike at a playground later in the day.
Baby enjoying the fresh air.


It was beautiful outside today! We got to get out and have a get together with friends at the park. A friend of mine and her son taught Travis to ride a bike. HOORAY! My friend Kcaarin is an amazing person! She was so kind and understanding with Travis. I was ready to put the training wheels back on or put the bike away for the day (our normal bike routine). I am not good at working with my son when he thinks something is too hard to do. Kcaarin has a wonderful way with Travis she told him what to do in a direct way making it seem almost like he had no choice but to do it. BUT at the same time was encouraging and didn't loose her cool. I am not ever direct or firm enough with the things that Travis struggles with (I know that is a big reason Travis keeps getting the training wheels back). I often have my son quit for the day when he gets frustrated and emotional. I guess to me it is easier to quit than make him push ahead. I am so excited and thankful he is doing so well this early in the biking season. He is still asking when will we put his training wheels back on. I told him maybe in a few days. I don't plan on putting them back on but I have said that before. I will let you know how it goes. BTW. I am only writing down my friends way of working with my son so I can use that method next time something like this comes up. I see it is a very effective way of working with him when he is frustrated. I don't have pictures to share (I didn't think to ask permission to share pictures of her children). You will have to trust me when I say she has 4 beautiful, polite, and wonderful children. Our children play so nice together! I had such a wonderful day! Her oldest boy Travis calls his "best friend". Her two younger ones are 2 and 3 and they played with Demaris. It was so fun watching Demaris play with other children. She had as much fun as Travis!

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