Wednesday, April 09, 2008

letter A

WATCH OUT! The letter A ants are hungry!

I left the room to give Travis a quick grammar lesson this morning. When I came back in the living room I saw this!

WOW! Our ants are BIG eaters! Demi has such a good imagination! She went into her playroom and gathered a bunch of her play food and staged her ants to be eating the food. Travis and I both laughed when we saw this,

Here is something else I wanted to share. Last night I gave Travis a wallpaper book. I told him it was his and he could use it however he wanted. He spent an hour or so before bed cutting, pasting, creating, and painting. Below is one of his creations. In the last 24 hours I think he has made around 10 pieces of art. He told me today that he likes creating crafts with wallpaper books. He made up a bunch of cute cards with the golf theme wallpaper pages (for his poppy who plays golf) but I am too lazy to go take pictures of them right now. I just wanted to share with you all that Travis is starting to like "crafts".

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