Monday, April 07, 2008

More of our Monday

I want to share a few more pictures from our day.

A few weeks ago I caved in and ordered Demi Brighter Vision learning program. Travis got this program for several years back when he was little. I thought it was a waste of money back then. I felt the things I made him myself cost less and worked better at teaching him. Because of that I always said I wouldn't be careless with our money and do this with Demi. OOPS! I was Wrong! I started feeling bad at how Demi often gets the short end of the stick. In a house with 3 children, baby, toddler, and homeschooled 8 year old my attention has to first go to the care of a baby who NEEDS me for everything. Second my attention often goes to teaching Travis because he is school age so being a homeschool mom means I have several lessons a day I need to teach him. Because my life got so busy (fussy baby and Travis needing extra help with some school) I noticed Demi was sometimes missing out so I decided to get her special school stuff. If I get enough free time to make up a bunch more school things for her I will cancel brighter vision but for now it is $18 a month for a box of prepared school things for my big girl. She loves it so we will keep it for now.

My cute pigtail girl is growing up so fast! She no longer wants to be called my little doodle bug. She wants to be called the princess or big girl .Sister love.

My little drool bug! Her shirt is wet from the drool. She doesn't want to be held all day long anymore. She wants to play on the floor more and more each day.
LOOK! Her drool is dripping off her chin! I could fill bottles with the amount of drool that comes out of her tiny mouth. Isn't she the cutest little drooler you've ever seen? Her cuteness makes up for all the dripping wet clothes we all wear from holding her.
What about Travis you ask? Well I have started calling Travis the professional camera dodger! He is so quick! Soon as he sees the camera he runs away! He is long gone before I can focus the camera on him! I did get a picture of him teaching his sister today! He was helping her learn reading. He didn't notice I had the camera. He is such a good boy. He finished his school early today. He could have spent the afternoon playing video games, running/playing in the yard, or playing in his room alone with his toys but he asked to help Demi play on the computer.

Well that is all I took pictures of today. WOW! I think I shared more of our day today than I have from all our days so far this year! I am going to try and keep up but I know life will get busy again and I will need to let computer time go for a bit. I think that is just how life goes with little ones. Nightmares, teething, colds, bad days, and such will always come up. For now I will be happy I was able to share so much today.


Heather said...

I love that you got to share so much today. You have been missed. As far as the cutest drooler she definetly has the girls covered. I think Gabe took the boys catergory though. LOL :)

Kate in NJ said...

They are all so adorable..even your camera dodger! What a sweetheart he is..taking such care of his sisters.

Amber said...

Heather I hope to find a good routine soon. I have had a hard time trying to get computer time and care for 3 children. It seems they all need me the second they see me turn on the computer. I can picture Gabe as the cutest drooler!

Thanks Kate! I have been wondering how you get such nice pictures of your daughter outside? I keep trying to get some beautiful close ups like the ones you take but mine don't turn out as nice.