Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Letter A

A is for Ant!

I am happy to say not real ants. We do have several real ladybugs and boxelder bugs around the house but I rather not think about that right now. Here is our army of ants.

I wanted to make an ant stamp so Demi could stamp ants all over her A page in her alphabet book we started yesterday but my ant stamp didn't turn out. I will try again to cut one out later tonight after all the children go to bed. If it turns out OK she can do that tomorrow. I think if I make an ant with no legs it will look more like an ant print than trying to cut tiny legs. Anyway, I had to come up with a quick replacement craft for her to do. Egg carton ants was the first thing I could think of. The all black ant is one I made. The 2 partial black ones Demi made. The red ant Travis made. Travis didn't want to make a black carpenter ant he thought a red fire ant would be more fun to make. I am happy he joined us for craft time. Travis often chooses to go outside to play or in his room to build when we are doing crafts.

Picture of Demi painting one of her ants.

I took a picture of Travis working on his. I know the day will come when he decides not to do crafts anymore (he isn't a craft loving child) so I will try to keep snapping pictures and treasure the times he does decide to join in with us.

Oh! I almost forgot! Are some of you wondering the story behind this ant?
You might be saying I have seen black ants and red ants but NEVER a pink ant! Perhaps some of you have already figured out the story behind this ant. Travis and I both had a hard time trying to figure it out. Demi insisted on making this pink ant. She painted this one after she finished her two black ants. She spent about an hour painting this one pink. She was careful to paint it all over. She kept saying it was a special princess ant. Travis and I had never heard of a princess ant. Demi explained it was the mommy ant. Travis and I thought needing a pink mommy ant was funny. She told us like the one on the Magic School bus show, a mommy princess ant. It took me about an hour after that to figure out she painted the princess's mother. I wasn't thinking about how a mom of a princess is what some people call the QUEEN! LOL! Isn't she a pretty queen ant? I guess only two year old princess crazy girls see that a queen ant needs to be pink. After all, she is the queen! LOL! Demi looked so relived when I finally guessed it was a queen ant. She was getting a bit frustrated with us not understanding who the pink princess mommy ant was. Looking back I now I wonder why did it take me so long to figure that out?


reprehriestless warillever said...

Of course princess mommy ants are pink -- they would never be found in unfashionable black!

I am glad to see that there is another princess obsessed girl out there. I am dealing with *two* of them right now....

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, Mine wants to paint everything pink.."cause I like it" she says.;-)

Amber said...

Reprehriestless Warillever You are so funny! I never thought about fashion! I wear baby spit most of the day so I sometimes forget about fashion.

You must have your hands full with 2 princesses in your house! My daughter thinks she has really become a true princess.

Do you buy pink paint or mix it yourself? I often wish I had pink paint so I can save myself time when I am in a hurry but I am to cheap to spend the cash on paint I can mix.