Sunday, April 13, 2008


A bit of our weekend.

Demi wanted to give her animals a drink. I told her if she sorted out her animals I would give them a drink. I gave her 2 trays and asked her to put farm animals on the green tray and put zoo animals on the butterfly tray. I gave her some Easter grass for hay for the animals and a cap of water for them to drink. Demi added the queen to her farm. I wondered why a farm would have a queen. She told me it was princess Demi on the farm feeding the chicken just like she does at our house. I would have put the birds in the zoo group but she thought they are birds like the ones at our feeders. I will have to point out the birds on our next trip to the zoo.

Wonder why the farm has no farmer?

I guess Zee also wanted to play farm.

Here is Demi playing in her sensory box outside. I let her add all our colored sand to her box so she has fun colorful sand.

Here is Zee trying to get to Demi's motorcycle. She did get to it and pushed it around for a bit. She yelled when she pushed it so hard it rolled away on her.

Demi is learning to drive. If you are in our yard and you see her on the tractor step WAY BACK!! She isn't very good at steering or at slowing down!

Zee on the porch.

Demi using our landscaping timbers as a balance beam.

Travis chasing Demi

Demi making cookies. I was going to make baking cookies our unplug project but I forgot to take the pictures of the finished cookies. The baby got fussy and I forgot what I had planned. The yellow on Deim's hand is from food coloring. I let them color more sand outside today and when I went to pick up the baby Demi decided to help herself to the food colors to add more yellow to her sand.

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