Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Letter A

A is for Art
and Amazing friends!

A friend stopped over to visit today. The children all did some sand art together. I put some colored sand (stuff I got from the dollar store) in a container and gave the children caps with some glue in them and q-tips to paint the glue on small cards (card stock cut in quarters). They painted with the glue then sprinkled color sand over the glue and shook over the tray to take off the extra sand.

Vicky gave me permission to post picture of all our children crafting together. I am so excited about this! I think it is wonderful that I can share some pictures of my children doing things with other children that are around the same age they are. I worry our family members that live out of the area might think our children are never with other children because they are homeschooled. Vicky is also a homeschooling mom she has 4 beautiful, kind, and wonderful children.

Aren't her children cute?

This one below reminds me of when I was in elementary school. I remember my art class having short round tables, glue, and colored sand to work with. See it is just like school only it is in our living room. LOL! LOOK! in this picture every child is working hard on this project.
Below is a picture of some of the finished projects. Vicky if you are reading this I have your children's pages. I put them up on the kitchen table to dry and keep Demi from messing with them but then I forgot to give them to you before you left.
I love it when my children get to do things with other homeschoolers! I took the camera outside when we all when out to play but I enjoyed sitting on the porch visiting with Vicky so much I forgot to take any pictures.

This sand craft looked like it worked well for all the children. I like crafts that can be used for little and older children. If you don't like sand in your house you might want to do this outside. I never care if we have sand on the floor so it isn't a problem for me but I thought I should write to let everyone know some sand will spread out on the table and floor.

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