Monday, June 16, 2008

Face painting with friends.

Friday 13
Sorry I am falling behind with my blogging again.
Friday some friends came over to play. The children played in forts, inflatable pools, and they face/body painted.

Here is a picture of all the children working with the paint. The beautiful girl standing up in the back is the artist of the group. She did a wonderful job at painting all the children.

Look at the nice job she did painting Travis!
My friend's youngest daughter is soooooooo cute! I swear 2 weeks ago she was a tiny baby. Now she is a child who can paint her own face and run and play with the big kids. She kept posing for pictures for me. She is such a fun child! She's the kind of child that makes you smile. She was completely covered in paint by the time she was done. I thought I reduced a picture of her covered in paint to share but I can't find the picture right now.

Runny paint dripping from arms, hands, and faces is how I would describe all the children by the time they finished painting.
They all jumped in the pool to clean up. I wish I would have taken more pictures. I wish I would have snapped some pix of the boys playing fort with each other. Instead of snapping pictures I sat and visited with my friend Vicky. I love it when she comes over to visit. She has 4 wonderful children that keep my children happy so I can just sit and visit with her.

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