Monday, June 16, 2008

My Man!

Rob works TONS of hours at his job. He is often tired and sometimes a bit cranky from the stress from his job. That is what people might see when they see him at work, stop by our house, or call on the phone. Only a few people get to see he is hard working, loving, fun, silly, smart, and a wonderful Dad. My children only see the wonderful side of Daddy. They know Daddy is the one who lets them have cookies for breakfast, sugar toast for lunch, candy for snacks, and chips for dinner. He is the one who lets them climb and jump on furniture. He plays video games, doll house, and patty cake. He wrote many lullabies for our children and he sings them when he walks them to sleep. He makes fun games for our children to play. He watches videos like My Little Pony, Star Wars, and Sesame Street. He knows all the words to the song Jelly Man Kelly. He will do the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle dance when watching Yo Gabba Gabba. He also does the Mr. Smarty Pants song from Between the Lions. He will watch and dance to the Wiggles. My girls know him as the one who never makes them walk, ride in cart, or sit in stroller in a store. He picks them up and carries them the second they whimper or say they want up. He always has one child (often 2) in his arms when we are shopping or out in public. I feel so blessed to be married to this man.

I feel bad when I think about the time I have wasted thinking about all the things he's not. When I hear friends say they have husbands that do laundry, wash dishes, pick up the house, clean the bathroom, cook dinner, coach sports, fix the cars, and such I think how much easier my days would be if my hubby did things like that for me. I guess it is true my days would be a bit easier but I don't think they would be better. I guess having a husband who does housework isn't as important to me as having a husband who will slide down the slides on the playground, read stories, have water balloon fights, get in the kiddy pool, build the largest block castles, play with dolls, and put on puppet shows. He often gives up sleep to spend time with us. I could spend days listing all the good things he does. I feel a bit sick knowing I sometimes go days without telling him I notice all the things he does. To be honest I never gave a thought until now about how wonderful it is that he carries our children in the store so we can shop in peace. I am sure the mothers struggling with fussy babies and toddlers notice my hubby walking along with 2 children in his arms and me shopping like I have no children. I wish I would have spent more time thinking about things like that and less time thinking about things like socks on the floor or not taking out the trash.

A few weeks ago Rob bought us some veggie plants, tilled, dug, planted, and watered us a garden. He did it because I wanted one. Rob HATES most veggies so a garden was not something he wanted. It was very late and dark outside by the time he got home from work and he still went out and did all that for me (yes just to make me happy). He spent hours doing all that hard work on something he doesn't even like! Yes, I love him just the way he is!

Now that I have spent all this time thinking about my hubby and how hard I can be on him, especially the times he leaves me extra house work, I need to say I just realized, the thing I love most about him, is he doesn't ever tell me what his friends' wives do that I don't. He loves me for being myself. I know I fall short of being a perfect wife and mother but he is nice enough to love me anyway. I do have a wonderful husband. My children have a terrific Daddy! I am going to try to be more like my children and only see the good in him.

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