Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 11

Yesterday Rob was off work so we walked the Kiwanis Interpretive Nature Trail . The trail is only 1 mile long but it took us a very long time to walk it (about 90 minutes). Demi is still a toddler and she is in awe of the big world around her. She often stands still or walks VERY SLOWLY so she can take it all in. We even carried her part of the way. We forgot to take a copy of the interpretive guide with us. Because of that we plan to walk the trail again but with the paper guide. It might take us a full day to do the trail with the downloaded guide. It took us a long time to walk it without the guide. When you add in 22 stations to stop at, find the things at the stations, look everything up in our Handbook of nature study, draw pictures of it all, snap some photographs, do the lessons in our nature study book, write down our answers in a notebook, and answer questions on the trail guide..... Um.... I guess we should pack lots of food to eat. I think it will take well over a day to do all that..... I am now thinking this might take us all summer to finish. LOL! I will try to get Travis to book mark all the pages in our book before we go so we can do it in under 2 months. It is a beautiful walk (except for the biting bugs and picker bushes). I know the children will love going back. I am sorry to say I forgot to take the camera so I don't have any pix to share. I will take our camera when we go back.

Other than our hike we played outside. Zee likes her water duck. We had it inside months ago but the older children kept trying to open the valve to let the water out. Now with a little pool in the front yard they are able to leave the baby toys alone so Zee can play.

Here she is kissing her duck (perhaps she was trying to eat duck for lunch).

Travis and Demi spent hours making pictures, riddles, and paper activities for Daddy. I couldn't get a picture of them doing it because that would have ruined the surprises . LOL! They kept backsides facing us the entire time so we couldn't see the pages.

They played some soccer in the yard. They both do a great job running up and down the yard with soccer balls.

Well that covers a large part of our day.

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Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I love how Demi keeps up with her brother. Travis seems like a really good big brother.