Sunday, June 08, 2008

Travis' hoop

I am not sure Travis called his a hula hoop so I will just call it a hoop. I let him use a pipe cutter himself.

I am NOT suggesting you let your child use one. It has a blade inside and all children (and parents) are different. Travis was very careful and I watched him the entire time.
He was excited when he got this far (about 5 minutes of cutting).
A few more minutes and he cut the hose in two.

He made his a bit short for the thickness of the tube. I was tempted to tell him that but I thought I would just let him learn on his own. I will talk about the differences between his and Demi's sometime in the next few days. I will ask him if he wants to try making a few more different sizes and then compare how they look and work. I doubt he will make another one this week because he really wants to use what hose is left to make a phone from one end of the yard to the other. I didn't take any pictures of his hoop after he cut it. Baby Zee woke up and I had to care for her. I think he painted his after he attached the ends together. He used duck tape to connect the ends on his hoop. I will try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow. His has a large bend in it because the hose is to short and firm to bend together nice. He is very happy with it. After all, he got to use a pipe cutter, duck tape, and water pipe to make something. I think that was more important to him than having a perfect circle.

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