Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer time fun!

Yesterday was another fun day for us. We played in the kiddy pool. The weather was in the 90's and humid but we never noticed. We spent the day in the pool and in the shade on our porch.

I made up some homemade face paint. I mixed up some random stuff from my kitchen and bathroom and it all seemed to work OK. One mixture was handcream, food coloring, and cornstarch. Another mixture was kids paint, flour, and hand lotion. I didn't write it down I just mixed and dabbed on my hand until it looked good. Not a perfect mix but they worked. I remember a recipe from years ago that used cold cream, food coloring, and corn starch but I couldn't find any cold cream so I improvised. Here are the results.

Demi wanted a pink/red butterfly. I know she really wanted pink but I figured if I used red I could use that same color on Travis. Travis doesn't like the color pink. lol

I made Travis a rocket.

I know I am not the best artist in the world. My children loved it so I guess it was good enough for them.

OOPS! Almost forgot to add a picture of Zee!

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