Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Super princess Demi cleans up dirty boy (I hope).


A PLANE.....



The dirty part of the story....
Travis didn't get to keep his super hero cape. His was bright yellow and better cape material than Demi's. He wrote potty words on his and had to toss it out. OK his potty word was "poop" (not a true curse word) but I figure if I took a stand with him writing the word poop it might keep him from writing worse as he gets older. He is very sad that he doesn't have a cape like his sister.

Rob and I did talk about some of the things we have wrote, said, and did years ago..... Ummm after thinking about that..... we don't think he did something "bad" but it wasn't nice either. I do plan to let them make capes again in a week or two and he will then be able to design one at that time. I am sure he will make a better superhero than Mr. Poop. I do feel a bit bad for Travis because we have a baby in diapers and a toddler who tells everyone about going potty (and still needs a bit of help in the bathroom) so the word poo is spoke daily in our house. That said I think my 8 year old would be more thankful for the money, time, and effort I spend in making up fun activities we do more than to write Poop on it! We have told our children to try and keep "potty talk" in the bathroom many times before so this wasn't his first warning.

Life with children is always eventful! I love them all even when they aren't clean, kind, and proper. I am happy to say they also love me when I am not clean, kind, or proper.

Demi enjoys being a superhero much more than I thought she would! Sorry the pix aren't very nice. Pictures in the evening don't always show up well with my camera. I hope to have pix of superhero Travis in the next couple weeks.


Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Awww so cute. She must have loved it.

Kate in NJ said...

Our Princess has been obsessed with the word "poop" lately..every joke has poop in it..yuck!!
I know who she picked it up from..a very good friend's school attending older boy, but have been unable to curb it completely. I would love to keep her away from said boy..but it is hard because he is our good friend's son....:-(