Monday, June 16, 2008

Ice-cream cake

Last week I took the children out to the store to by some Father's Day gifts BUT I forgot to take my check card. I had enough cash in my purse to buy the small gifts the children picked out but I didn't have enough cash to buy an ice-cream cake. My children think ALL holidays require an ice-cream cake. I only had $8 and the cakes ran $15-20. I didn't want to drive all the way home to get my card. I asked the children if they would like to make an ice-cream cake themselves. They liked the idea. So being a think on the go and never plan things out kind of person I figured out a way to make an ice-cream cake. I picked up a chocolate pie crust, store brand ice-cream, and a store brand tub of cool whip. Cost was under $5!!!

The ice-cream softened up on the way home. Once home the children opened the container with the pie crust and started scooping ice-cream to fill it. They took turns with the scooper.

Demi had no problem scooping out the soft ice-cream.
Travis was able to scoop very large scoops.
They licked fingers many times.
Once they filled most of the crust up with ice-cream they took turns smoothing it out a bit.
It was still very lumpy but it looked good to us.
Next they added large lumps of cool whip and spread it all over the top. They added almost 1/2 inch thickness.
Here it is our ice-cream cake! We flipped over the plastic top to the pie crust and put it back on and set the cake in freezer for the night.

We did drizzle a little chocolate syrup on the top of the cake slices before serving. The cake was a lot cheaper than the ones in the store but it was smaller. It was large enough for everyone in our family to have 2 slices. If I was planning to make a ice-cream cake I would have looked up a recipe online and most likely even made the ice cream in our ice-cream maker. This was a very fun, quick, easy, cheap solution to my cake problem. My children loved making and eating it. I think we will be making many more ice-cream cakes this summer.

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