Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21

My little Zee is trying to give me a heart condition! For the last couple weeks she has thought she could walk when the truth is she can't! She will be standing along the furniture and then let go, get her balance and try to walk. It goes something like this, wobble, wobble, step, wobble, step, thu-dud-dud, cry and yell mum mum mom! I am convinced she is going to bang her head on something sharp and I will be rushing her to the ER! I am going crazy trying to keep her safe. She is going out of her way to get hurt! I will not be getting any pix or videos of this because I am too busy trying to catch her when she falls (this takes up a large part of our days). Maybe Rob will get a video clip of it on his next day off. It is kind of scary to watch. Even someone not related to her would be very worried about her getting hurt. She really is that off balanced. I wish she would listen to me and learn to balance better before trying to take 3 steps across the room!

Can someone tell me when did my baby grow up from tiny baby into a child trying to toddle into toddler-hood? I know she is still just a baby but she doesn't seem to understand that. LOL! I love it that she seems to be a child that is determined to do things and is willing to keep trying to succeed even when everyone tells her she can't. I just wish she would understand that I am not a young mom, I am a very old mom (late 30's), and I don't know if my heart can hold up to all of her trying. She has had my heart racing non stop and I am feeling a little stressed out!

Demi and Travis are big into creating stylish "ROCKER" clothes. LOL!

Rob, Travis, and Demi all play Rock Band on the Xbox. I try to keep them from playing video games except for when Daddy is home or on rainy days. I have kept them busy decorating shirts to wear when they are Rock'n with Daddy. They have already decorated/designed a stack of T shirts. If they keep this up Daddy is going to notice all his undershirts missing. Rob has several drawers of undershirts but when all the drawers are empty I am sure he will notice.

My cute little Rocker. She is the lead singer of the band. I only have 2 more t shirts for her to decorate then I will need to buy more shirts, sew some shirts for her, or start letting her color Daddy's undershirts with Travis.
Here is Demi making baby Zee some Rock'n clothes. LOL! I found a few onsies in the baby's dresser and put them in the pile for the children to decorate.
Once Travis and Demi went to play in the yard again Zehira decided to check things out.
She loves playing under the table.
The marker box was empty so instead of making Rock Band clothes she tried chewing the box.
Here is Travis out in the yard after a bad storm we had later in the day.
He is holding a bunch of hailstones. Yup thats my boy..... Some might call him a "mad scientist". He is so crazy about science (weather being part of it)...I can prove it! LOOK at his FEET!!!!!
ROTFLOL!!!!! He is wearing a sneaker on one foot a flipflop on the other! Anyone who knows Travis knows he is NOT the kind of kid to ever wear 2 different shoes! He is a neat and tidy child who wants things to be just so.... I guess the exception to that rule is when he is in a rush to experience things like checking out hail in our yard before it melts. LOL! He took one shoe from inside the house (sneaker) and slipped on the flipflop on his way off the porch (we keep our flipflops on the porch. When I asked him about it he said "Well mom, you know hail doesn't fall everyday. What did you want me to do, take my time and miss it?" I love my little scientist! I am such a lucky mom to have a child with such a passion for learning! His love for gaining knowledge is never ending. He wants to learn about things from the second he gets up in the morning until he falls asleep at night. I wish I could say he gets it from his mom but we all know that isn't true.


Gottfredsen said...

Oh I so feel for you. I have always said that Gabe was my extreme baby. We have had to do a few emergency room trips with him. So I definetly feel for you. I wish that I could tell you it gets easier but all I can say is your not alone.

Gottfredsen said...
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Kate in NJ said...

LOL, Love the rush for the hail!!

Lesley said...

LOL That is so cute Travis was rushing out for the hail. Gracie thinks it's some great stuff also. :)

As for little one...just keep holding your breath. Umm, wait, that's not a good idea. hehe It'll be ok!