Thursday, June 12, 2008

Worlds End

A couple weeks ago we went to Worlds End State Park
Here is a picture we took at the Canyon Vista.

Poor girl! She can't read!! LOL!
After taking in the beautiful view we crossed the road and went to the Rock Garden. This place is AWESOME! HUGE rocks all over. My children must have felt so tiny in the gigantic rocks.

It is a place you have to visit. Pictures don't do it justice.


Gottfredsen said...

First of all WHAT A VIEW!!!! That is so beautiful. Your family has certianly been busy with so many great adventures. Thank you for sharing. I can not wait to see more.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Wow, love the pics. I love taking family trips like this.

Kate in NJ said...

Great pics!

reprehriestless warillever said...


It is funny how those rocks make the kids look so small, yet Travis looks so grown up.