Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vosburg Neck Festival

We went to the Neck festival Sat. and Sun. It was all about Living Green this year.

They had....
Live animal programs, guided-nature walks, history discussions, workshops & presentations, crafts & games for children, face painting, a bake sale, good food, live music, a plant sale, and much more.

I can't even remember all the things we got to do at the festival! We went both days and had tons of fun! This is Demi's favorite thing from the festival.....

Her face painted like a butterfly. I didn't remember my camera the first day but I did bring it the second day. I was so busy having fun I forgot to take pictures even when I had my camera.

Here is a picture of a bird in the nature exhibit. We got to go to a presentation on birds of prey on Sat.

Sat. we saw a presentation on snakes and reptiles and another one on living a green lifestyle.

We got to walk the beautiful garden. Demi loved the flowers.
We checked our wingspan.
Rob's mom went with me she is the personn holding Demi.
I didn't get a picture of Travis' face painted on Sat. because he washed it off soon after we got home. This picture is from Sunday when he got his face painted the second time.
Here it is finished.
Demi got her face painted again on Sun.

Then they all enjoyed sharing an ice-cream sandwich.
Zee enjoyed sitting in the grass. Playing in the grass always makes her happy.

Here Travis and Demi are chasing a toad.
We got to see basket makers, spinners, storytellers and so much more. We loved listening to the folk singers. We got to do, touch, taste, smell, see, and learn a lot. We are sad we have to wait until next year to do it again.

We stopped at the Freeze on our way home.

After finishing the cones Travis and Demi played on the playground. My children LOVE the little playground at the ice-cream stand. I think they like it more than the ice-cream.
Travis is giving a mad look in this picture. I think he was tired of Grandma Em snapping so many pictures of him.

Everyone is complaining about the heat and humidity but as you can see we are LOVING it! It is in the high 90's and humid. I guess we are hot weather outdoorsy type of people.

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