Monday, June 16, 2008

Failed attempts at picture taking

I wanted a picture of the children for a Fathers day gift.

Travis blinks from flash, Demi pulling at lips, and Zee looks unhappy.

Travis has eyes closed and girls are not looking. Rocking in the rocking chair was the cause of this picture looking bad. It was a very happy loving moment so I picked this one to use for Father's Day.
Travis is trying so hard not to blink he quits smiling and goes into a stare. Demi looses interest in getting her picture taken (thinks showing teeth counts for a smile) and Zee starts to fuss.
They are trying so hard they over do it!
Out of focus.
Travis is annoyed, Zee refuses to look or smile, and Demi gets down and walks away. I give up!!!!
The picture people didn't do much better than this last time we went.

My pictures might not look like ones from a magazine but they make me smile. I hope Rob smiles when he sees his Father's Day gift.

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Gottfredsen said...

You know they may not have come out the way that you wanted, but they are still great memories.