Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheap family night out

More summer fun. We picked up some MC D's and stopped by the creek for dinner and a splash. Lots of skipping rocks and smiles. I am so happy my children are still young enough to find things like this lots of fun. I hope they always enjoy the fun simple things in life but I remember when I was a teen simple things with my parents didn't make me smile.

We are a couple weeks into our school year already so I want to start posting about school and stuff we are doing right now. My reason for posting summer pictures today was so our family and friends far away can see some of what we did over the last few months. I am going to post this one last picture then tomorrow I HOPE to start posting our school and things we are doing right now. Below is a picture I am sharing not because it is a wonderful picture. I am doing it because I thought it was an original idea. Demi stole my clothes pins to accessorize her outfit and turn herself into Pocahontas. I laughed so hard when she told me that! Very imaginative little girl! Her favorite words are decorations, accessorize, accessories, and embellishments. LOL!
I am going to try real hard to post some of our school projects and school field trips (from this new school year) tomorrow. I hope in a week to be caught up and be able to respond to comments and read some email. Right now my email is so full my head hurts just thinking about it.

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