Monday, August 17, 2009

Renaissance Faire part 8-Travis on stage

We decided to watch the show Catch The Plague.

Before the play started Rob played with Zee to keep her out of trouble (and off the stage).
She enjoyed running in the grass.
Travis was asked if he wanted to be part of the game show and try to catch the plague (Travis was thrilled to join in). Notice he was sitting all alone in the front row. He really wanted a chance to join in (I was several rows back and off to the side).

Here he is up on stage waiting to get his plague symptom.

Oh no! The boy is sick with the fever!

The young man in the picture below had the chills.

This girl was covered with pus filled boils.

Sorry the picture of him acting out his fever is blurry! Demi was climbing on me and moved my arm when I was taking it (Rob had the video camera so we have it on a DVD and it looks much better than this).

In the end the pus filled boils won. Honestly, how can you compete with something so interesting and gross as oozing pus filled boils? LOL!
We learned about the history of the barber shop pole (I learned from this part of the play). A barber use to do haircuts, shaves, and SURGERY! He would wash out his bloody rags and hang them on a pole outside. The wind would wrap the bloody rags around the pole that looks like our barber poles of today. Blood stained rags would let everyone know it was a barbers shop. In the picture below she has a bloody rag wrapped around her arm (YUCK).

Then they sang ring around the rosy (song we all know from the plague).
We all loved watching Travis having so much fun up on the stage. He did an awesome job acting out his fever!

In the end we all caught the plague and died a terrible death. Travis left grinning from ear to ear very happy with his performance.

A few hours later it was time to head home. Poor Rob helped two very tired girls to the car.

Demi is red from the heat (not sunburned). Rob is very red from a sunburn (I wish he would let me put sunscreen on him when I cover the children).
We would love to take another trip down to the Renaissance faire in Sept. or Oct. if we can fit it into our budget and schedule.

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