Tuesday, August 11, 2009

more summer catching up

Demi wanted her birthday party at Chucky E Cheese because she heard on the TV that on your birthday at CC a kid can be a star. She told us she wanted to go on her birthday and be THE STAR. Sorry the picture is so bad my camera batteries died right after this picture of Chuck E. and friends singing happy birthday to her.Summer beauty.... flowers in our front yard.

The veg. garden in the back yard.
AND a bit of YUCKY!!!! Travis frog catching. I think Travis has outgrown his quirks and fears of getting dirty or touching slimy things. In case you don't don't know when Travis was 3 or 4 we took him for OT because he had lots of fears and quirks. He didn't like to get dirty, touch anything that might be dirty or slimy. He was afraid of something bad happening if everyone didn't follow the rules (he would scream if Rob went one mile over the speed limit or didn't fasten his seat belt before putting the key in the car). He doesn't seem to have issues like that anymore.

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