Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling a bit behind!

I want to tell you all I am very sorry because all I have is a few pix from one of the soccer practices this week. Next week should be a bit better (I will try to stay on top of things). I am going to try hard to find blogging time so our family can see my children grow up and learn.
A note with my sad excuse to this dull post is below.

Travis started soccer this week and I can see that it is already getting in the way of me blogging. Soccer practice this year is 3 days a week. Once the games start we will be going to soccer 4 days a week (that is a lot more running downtown than I ever do). I am sorry that I didn't take many pictures of my children over the last few days. I feel sad because I don't have anything nice to share with friends and family(sorry). We have a lot of work on our house going on that is also messing up my schedule. We got a new water softener installed, new reverse osmosis drinking system put in (Rob installed that for me), and we have men here doing a lot of electrical work right now. Having so many people in and out working on our house is hard to get use to. Having things moved all over and tools laying around makes life a bit difficult. Zee wants the climb the electricians ladder in the kitchen or bang Rob's pliers on the floor and walls. Right now I have a closet and a table in the middle of my bedroom floor! CRAZY!!!! I know it will be so worth it when all this work is done. I will have a sewing room in the back of my bedroom (and I will not need extension cords to use them). I will be able to plug in an iron and not kick the breaker. My girls will be able to have a reading lamp for our bedtime stories. Travis will be able to have his computer, TV and Xbox all hooked up at the same time. The best will be being able to run the coffee maker and the microwave (or toaster) and not have to run to the breaker box to turn it back on. OH! maybe that won't be the best, maybe being able to run the dishwasher and not have to go out to the outside GFI outlet and hit the reset button 6 times so the dishwasher can run a complete cycle (reason I wash dishes by hand most of the time). I just need to keep remembering all the good that will come from this as I have to run to grab our little one who makes a run to play on the steps every time the baby gates are left open. I think all the baby gates are driving the repair people crazy because they are hard to open and get in the way of them finishing up the work they are trying to do. I hope by next week things will be a bit easier here. I hope to have something a bit more exciting tomorrow.

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