Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Renaissance Faire part 4

Demi found a fairy house.
Travis was quick to join her (by this time Travis was very excited to join right in with everything he usually stops to think before trying or going along with anything).
Zee couldn't be left out.
I noticed that lots of the performers sat in the road. I would love to know why they sat in the road so often? Anyone know? Did peasants sit in the road back in the time of Renaissance and if so why?

I love this man's cart and his outfit!

Food served on a stick could be found all over.

Pickle on a stick anyone? Travis said it was delicious!

Umm...... Singing Pirates??? LOL!Some more beautiful music.
Silly girl!

I think the picture below is the one Travis will want to put on the cover of his school portfolio this year (see this was a school trip for us...all children need some cool school pictures).Here is another lady who stopped and sat in the road to talk with us.

Demi followed her by plopping right down next to her. I think Demi loved the way she talked. this kind girl talked a bit different than many of the others we talked to. The gypsies and wenches talked in a different tone and in a different way than this girl. She had a very soft voice.

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