Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Renifaire Part 5- Demi's fairytale

We stopped at another area with lots of things for children. When we arrived it looked like a performance was about to start on the stage. I sat down with Demi and she noticed 3 children on stage and as she ran away from me she yelled "I am going! I need to be up on the stage!" I tried to stop her but she was on the stage before she got all the words out. Instantly the lady asked Demi join in. Travis said he heard gypsy was asking for another child to join them and that is why Demi ran up (The gypsy didn't have enough for her story). Demi snagged herself the leading role (princess needing maners was the roll she filled LOL). The knight with a fan was already dressed as a knight and had picked the fan for his prop. The dancer had picked a boa scarf for her prob. The ghost had already picked her large silk scarf to wear (to make her a ghost). The three children had props and all were sitting on a bench waiting to start when Demi ran up and joined in. She was asked by the gypsy storyteller to grab a prop from the trunk and 2 seconds later she picked out her prop (she picked the crown of course). She was wearing the crown on her head and was ready to perform (I don't like my children wearing other peoples hats but it seemed to be the thing to do at the Renfest). Here is some of the story.

The Kung Fu Princess:
First there was a princess she was knows as Princess Demi. She never said please or thank you.She was happy being the princess (and was not even a tiny bit afraid to say her lines or face the crowd standing up on stage). But she really wanted some entertainment. She yelled out someone entertain me!

As she said this she lost her crown (it flew off when she was talking so it got added in the story). The crown left because it was upset that the princess wasn't ever polite so it hopped off her head and ran away.

After finishing her line she ran over and grabbed the king's hat and declared herself queen. She was a princess who was good at fixing her problems by herself.
BUT she was a cold mean queen and shouted entertain me to the dancer.
So the ballerina dancer danced for her.

Queen Demi then demanded the ghost entertain her.
So the ghost did.

That was not enough she wanted more.Hmmm.... What would make her happy?
She called on the brave knight with the broken fan.
But before she could give him her orders a dog joined in (Zee was the dog and became part of the story). Then the dog was taken away ( Rob is rushing to get her in the picture).

Queen Demi demanded the Knight to perform for her by doing karate chops

Karate chop goes like this.Everyone did karate chops to please her. She joined in with karate chops and became happy and polite.

They all said "Long Live The Queen" and everyone lived happily ever after.
LOL! I am sure everyone can see Demi LOVED this part of the day!
We really did have a blast at the Renfaire!

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