Sunday, August 16, 2009

Renaissance Faire part 6

We saw a magic show.

I felt so bad for this boy! The magician asked him if he eats his veggies. The boy smiled and nodded yes he ate veggies. Then the magician said good if you eat veggies this trick will work. If you eat candy and junk food the ropes will chop you in half and kill you. The boy is really ready to cry!

Doesn't your heart ache for this boy knowing he is worried he might die?The ropes pulled free and didn't cut him in two. Look at how relived he is! PRICELESS!!!

How about the poor boy in the picture below? Do you feel bad for his suffering? LOL! Travis was picking up better acting skills as the day went on. He is acting out a look of long suffering.Below are a few more pix of people and things we saw along the way.

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