Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Monday

Travis is starting to love studying rocks and minerals. He wasn't thrilled doing all the note taking at first but now he is adding a lot more to his class than I am asking him to do. He is reading the science book, looking up info online (this is not something I asked him to do), finding the rocks in our rock collection (not something I asked him to do), taking the notes, reading in the book that came with our rock collection a rock set we bought 4 years ago (and this also is extra work he wants to do), he is making observations and asking questions (Yippee!). If only his print was as neat as his cursive (sigh).
I think we need to move over to the big table to do this because he has more stuff out than will fit on the tiny table in the kitchen.

After school we made some homemade fudge pops. All the children even Zee helped make them.

It was a bit messy but fun.They also painted a ton of pictures. Demi started then Zee and Travis followed.

Travis said he made a real masterpiece....

I set up a new art wall for drying paintings and displaying the art (it is just cotton yarn and clothes pins). We had three times this many painting hung by the time everyone finished.

Our fudge pops we made with chocolate pudding (Just one pack of instant pudding with 2 and 1/2 cups of milk. The children really liked them we will make them again.

That is about all for today (everything else was just our normal book work for our school day).

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