Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PA Renaissance Fair Part 2

This is a part you might not want to read or look at. Travis and Daddy O (hubby) LOVED this. I am sure they will tell you it was the best show of the day. It was a sword swallower show. I thought the man was very entertaining and funny but I still found his talent hard to watch.

First he stuck a spoon up his nose.

After a few other tricks he used a screwdriver to fix the loose screw in his head.

Then he swallowed some swords and at one point even juggled with swords in his mouth! The pictures below are of the smallest of the swords he swallowed that day.

Rob and Travis had so much fun at this show. I though the man was very nice and funny but I had to close my eyes for most of it. We have lots more pictures and even video of the show but I kind of hope we don't use that video for family movie night anytime soon!

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