Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sunday afternoon was very busy for us. We went to the American Red Cross Summer Spectacular Fun Day. It was at the small airport in Tunkhannock. I don't know that I would call it spectacular but I will say my children had fun.

The children had cherry snow cones.

Travis tossed some balls at the dunk tank. They made sure Travis got to dunk the man in the tank.Demi got her face painted.
She loved her pink butterfly.
It was at the airport so we got to see lots of airplanes.

My FAVORITE picture is the one below. I don't know the plane or the man in the picture but I think it is a very interesting picture.

Some men working with parachutes.

We got to learn about the Red Cross and about our local ambulances. I didn't know an ambulance carried so much stuff! WOW!

Before we left the children had some cotton candy.

We then went to MC D's (snow cones, cotton candy, and MC D's made a very unhealthy day). I was on the search for a candy/fry thermometer (I have an idea for a fun art project that will need one) and it was getting close to dinner time so I had to let them eat fast food (small town I was in doesn't have many choices to eat at). After eating up the happy meals they ran off to play. Travis was the only one who went into the play tubes. The girls played a game called pick the slide brother was going to come down.

After MC D's we came home and the children asked to read about and break open the geodes. My children asked to do school on a Sunday? Are they really MY children? I am sure my parents are wondering if the children are really mine (I never wanted to do school stuff on the weekends). I decided to break open Zee's first (she is too young to fuss if we mess it up). Travis took a lot of the pictures. I used a punch and hammer (something I read someplace online). I started in the grass then after a few minutes I decided to put it on the concrete walkway. I poked a hole in it and started to wonder if it would ever crack open!

After what felt like forever of rotating and chipping at the rock it finally broke in two.
Zee ran off with a small toy football. She could care less about her rock. The older two children found her open geode very interesting.Next up was Demi.
She was all ready to use the hammer! OH! I should mention the white spray paint all over the grass in the picture is from me painting the girls beds. It will wear off in a week or two (I paint in that spot a lot and it always washes/wears away).I put her geode in a sock and let her whack the rock many times.
when she got tired I gave it one last hard whack (I knew she didn't break it open) and she got to empty out the sock.
Here is another picture of Zee just so she can be included (I think you can see opening geodes wasn't very exciting to her).Time for Travis to give it a go. He had watched both ways to open the geodes and decided he wanted his broke in a nice half like Zee's geode. He didn't like Demi's handful of smashed pieces. He tried the punch and hammer for about 10 minutes.
Once I noticed he was getting frustrated I told him he could smash his in a sock (like we did with Demi's) and I told him if it smashed in a ton of pieces he could trade for Zee's. He eventually agreed and used the sock method.
Here is his geode. He was happy with the one he broke open but liked the look of the one cut in two so I let him have both geodes. Demi's is in the girls room so she said she will share her rocks with Zee.

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