Friday, August 21, 2009

Craft time last Sat.

0The children asked to do some crafts (after many hours of playing outside). I tossed a few things on a tray (giving each child a tray with the same kind of things on it). I gave them some glue and told them to have fun creating.

Here is Demi's trayAll the trays looked the same except the pompoms and pipe cleaners had different colors. Zee didn't get any craft eyes because I was worried she might try to eat them. She doesn't eat pom poms so she did get some of them. I gave them some one inch squares of colored paper and glue. Demi paints her glue so hers is in the yellow cap and Travis uses the bottle.

Here is what Demi made. It reminds me of the big feet fury critters from when I was little.

She gave it a bunny tail.

Here is what Travis made (this creature did have eyes I think Zee pulled them off).
Travis also made this.
Zee played with her pieces than ran off to play with toys. She didn't end up with a finished project.

Sorry Sat was such a lazy relaxed day I don't have anything else to share.

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