Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My house is safe and some more school pix

I know many people know I have been VERY worried about my house. It was built in 1846 and is very old. I was told by a neighbor that the people who lived here before us took out a load bearing wall. (well, took out a post that had replaced a load bearing wall). After I was told that I started to think about all my crooked floors. I became a bit panicky about the situation (having Rob look at new slants and slopes, put up support poles, and inspect the house every few days). After several months of this (and me convincing myself that the house might fall down) we decided to call a structural engineer to let us know if our house was safe. The appointment had been changed several times (leaving me panicked the house might fall down). Finally yesterday a wonderful man came by and looked at the house. Our house is safe (yes it does slope and slant) but it is safe. It is has the old time charm showing the date she was born (crooked slanting beauty of a 1800's farm house). It will always slope and creak and have soft spots but it shows no signs of falling down. We now can get back to the remodeling. YIPPEE!!!!! I can again sleep at night and not fear my children are in danger of falling into the basement.

I have a few school pictures of some school last week (might have been the week before). I bought some wooden toy cars to paint (for art class). This school year we are studying dark ages/early renaissance so cars are not invented yet but sometimes an easy mindless art project can be fun (very fun when you realize that Lego men fit in the cars to play with after you finish painting them).

Here is Travis taking his art very serious.
Zee painting hers with her toddler paints. She also painted her face, hair, fingers, and table.

Zee's finished car.
Demi used watercolors on hers she started hers later than Travis and Zee so I didn't get pictures of her painting her car.

Travis is still painting his (he now wants to change the color). If he ever calls it finished I will take a picture of it.

Here is a picture of Zee's bold painting she did on a different day she was doing it to keep busy so I could give Travis a math lesson. It did keep her happy and quiet for about 15 minutes.
Picture of Demi working in one of her writing books.
Honestly not much has changed from last year (after all it was only a couple months ago). Tomorrow I want to share our first school field trip for this school year (we took and awesome trip last weekend and had TONS of fun)!!!

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