Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PA Renaissance Fair Part 3

The Renaissance fair had some wonderful children areas. You could take your children and spend the day acting on the tiny dress up stage, playing chess with HUGE (life size) pieces, spend the day following the queen, getting knighted,watching magic shows, making music, playing games in a fun play area, joining in the child story time, marching in the queen's parade and joining in other kid activities. If you did that that you would for the most part shelter your child from seeing any drinking, adult plays (plays with adult dialogue), and keep them out of shops that sold things that many people don't agree or believe in (or want children around). Before we went on this trip I must admit I was very afraid of taking my children to a winery to attend a renaissance fair. I pictured a place with tons of bad language, drunks, and lots of other strange and naughty things. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE!!! We had a G rated day! It was much different than a normal day at our house but it was still a G rated one!

Below are some pix of my children playing on a tiny stage. It was a area set up to dress up, pretend, and perform (it was in the center of a child's play area). Demi didn't ask (me) permission she just ran up to the area and dug right into the dress up trunk. I have to admit I was ready to scream DON'T DO THAT! In case you don't know I should tell you that I don't let my children ever put on hats that we don't own (even new ones in stores) because I worry they could catch head lice. I REALLY wanted to stop her but she had the lion hair on before I could get words out of my mouth so I figured the damage would have been already done. Plus I must admit I didn't want everyone to give me a nasty look and think I thought I was better than them. I was worried they wouldn't know I am like that with EVERYTHING that goes on my children's heads. I know they would have assumed I was calling them dirty and full of bugs. The good news is my children didn't catch any bugs so I guess that just shows me maybe I don't have to be so crazy about things like that.
After a few big, scary, lion roars she decided to be a queen.
She didn't stay queen for long. She finally decided on a princess. I know everyone who knows her is not surprised at all with that choice.
Travis came over to join in (that surprised me he isn't big into pretend/dress up play) and they made some friends.They met a troll-unicorn.
You can see one of the huge chess sets on the right in this picture.

Lots of people sat and encouraged the children to perform on the stage.

Zee wandered all over the play area.
LOOK! Travis joined in!!! He isn't big into pretend play and he often looks at me and the girls strange when we are dressing up and pretending. I think seeing so many adult people dressing up and pretending made him think it was OK (maybe he doesn't think his mom is so crazy anymore).

Look at how happy Travis is playing pretend!

We all had so much fun on this trip.

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