Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PA Renaissance Faire Part 1

We are studying the dark ages/early renaissance this year so our first school trip was to the PA Renaissance Faire. OK, I know the Renaissance Faire isn't exactly historically accurate. I think it is hard to find fun living history of that time period and I do think that some fun living history can bee seen at the Ren fair! For that reason we are count this as an educational history field trip. I think we will spend much of the year comparing what we saw on the trip to what we read in our books. This is our second time learning about this time in history Travis studied this 4 years ago and enjoyed it the first time and I hope he enjoys it just as much this time.

The first show we stopped to see was an untrained dog show. It is a show that is funny for little kids. My children had fun and laughed a lot.

After the show it started to pour. We ducked into a pirate shop to get out of the rain. Later in the day we came back to this shop to get Travis some black pirate golf balls (his pick for a take home toy).We found lots of pirates and even a ship.

The children snacked on chocolate covered gummy rats, pink cheesecakes, and sugar covered rice cereal on a stick. If Travis ever tells you he once ate rats for lunch before this would be why! The rat was made of candy.We stopped and heard talk of fairies (I think the story was this man could see in Zee's eyes that the fairies visit her often and make her to get into trouble a lot).

Zee slept in Daddies arms.
THE QUEEN!!! My children LOVED seeing the queen! We got to see her several times.

She stopped to talk to our children and gave them special treasures (gems for the girls and a pin for Travis). She asked Travis to attend her special knighting ceremony so she could knight him. I could see on his face he was VERY excited about that!
I will try to post part 2 later today.

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