Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hickory Run State Park

I have heard many homeschoolers talk about doubling up on school days. I have never understood how people can do that. It seems our school takes so much time doubling up on school even if only one subject seems like it would be impossible for my family. BUT we did double up this weekend with school field trips. We left just before lunch time to go to the viaduct. Right after we ate lunch and then went for another long drive to hit another field trip. We spent 11 hours out that day (a lot of it was in the car on the road). I think to some people that would seem just as hard to do as doubling up on school seems to me.

Our second trip was to the boulder field at Hickory Run State Park. It is another AWESOME sight! WOW! Everyone should try and see this! I don't know how to explain how amazing this place is. It is like a sea of rocks! The rocks are all about the size of Zehira (many are a lot larger than her) and it seems like counting the rocks would go into the millions.

I think anyone who looks at this blog post will be thinking.... Wow! That homeschool family takes rock studies very serious! LOL!

Enough of me talking here are the pix.

Isn't this beautiful?

Amazing!It looks so flat in the picture below.But it looks so huge and bumpy when you see an almost 2 year old try to climb across it.BTW, Zee LOVED climbing the rocks!
Demi also loved the rocks.
This place was a VERY POPULAR place! Many people came and went during our visit. Everyone seemed to have the same response either silence and a look of awe or saying WOW! this is incredible!
This picture cracks me up! Everyone will have to agree that Traivs takes his rock studies very serious! LOL! This boy is really getting into the rocks!
I didn't walk all the way across the rocks (that would take all day with our two little ones so I played on the rocks closer to the edge with them). Rob and Travis did walk all the way across and back. Next time we go I will walk to the other side (Rob will stay with the little ones). I am guessing the picture above might be Travis looking down at this...That spot has water down in it. They say the rocks are 12 feet deep!

Here is Travis all the way on the other side of the boulder field.

A tree is growing in the middle of it. Only one lonely tree. Strange!

Travis under the tree.What a beautiful place God has made for us!

Demi and I.
Travis loved the rock below it has 3 large indentations in it that he wonders how they got in that stone.
Our family picture.

The boulder field is made up of two kinds of rocks sandstone and conglomerate.
Conglomerate rock below (see all the little stones that make up this rock).

If you ever have the chance VISIT THIS PLACE! I am so thankful to be studying geology this year. I don't know that we would have ever stopped to see this place (or the Starrucca Viaduct) if we didn't study rocks this year. I think we will make many trips back in the future! I think this is the most incredible school day my family has ever had! We made lots of beautiful artwork in the car this day AND we got to see and learn about a LOT of AMAZING Rocks! I don't know what one we found more amazing. Both the Starrucca Viaduct and Hickory Run Boulder field are amazing works of art. One made by man and one by God but both are amazing and beautiful to look at!


Gottfredsen said...

YAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! You are back. Missed you. With that being said, Wow that is probably one of the coolest things that I have ever seen. You guys have certainly have been busy with some very cool trips and projects. All the kids are getting so big. I can not wait to see what else you guys are doing.

Amber said...

I am sort of back... I have been trying to set up a bunch of blogs up at a time and type them out as fast as I can (I bet you can tell I don't take time to proof read) so in about 30 minutes I can have a week or two of blog post done. I was feeling so guilty not sharing what we are doing with friends and family. After realizing that some of our family might wonder if we do any school and if the children are growing at all I felt that I had to force myself to blog again. Setting up post all at one time is working for me for now. BUT I now have the guilt of not reading friends blogs so this week I am going to try to catch up with everyone. I imagine your children have grown up a lot from the last time I peaked in. I hope to keep up this routine for the rest of this school year.

OH! Next time you take a trip up north to see your family you should try to stop by Hickory Run State park! It is close to the turnpike and highway 81. We plan to go back camping next spring or summer.