Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some swimming, mosaics, and star gazing

This is stuff from Friday Aug. 14 (last day of Rob's vacation). I am posting a week behind because I feel if I try to jot down 4-7 days of stuff late at night once or twice a week and then set them to post automatically several days later I will have more time to blog. So far this is working so expect all my stuff to be about a week behind from now on (or until the schedule changes in my house).

In our history book we read about mosaics so we did a simple mosaic art project. We used colored paper this time because we are waiting for Rob to bring home tiles from work (he works at Lowes so shopping for tiles is easy for him) when he remembers to buy tiles we will be able to make some real mosaics.

Demi made a mosaic that she named Robot With One Leg.
I call mine Ladybug in the Grass on a Sunny Day. Can you see it?

Here is Travis happy to show his off. It shows his happy face but his hand is moving so the picture is blurry.

I think his was called Buzzing Bee Chasing a Train Going Down a Hill
We did school early and had free time late afternoon to play in the pool.

Rob took the pictures. I am in the picture below. I was watching the family have fun and at the same time surfing the web for science or history related field trips to take. I had over 50 trips planned for this school year on my list weeks ago. I have no idea why I was still looking for stuff (I should have been in the pool with everyone else). In case you are wondering, I officially stopped looking for trips related to our school this year. I am now busy trying to pencil them all in with Rob's work schedule and our school lessons. I have to cover all lessons and cover everything in all our books (Rob's expectation not state required) so time to take trips isn't easy to find.After dinner we drove up to the Kopernik observatory to see a program on Jupiter (poor kids are now doing night school).

Here is a picture of Travis standing in front of a computer that was on the space shuttle.

The girls liked looking at the astronaut Barbie dolls.After the lecture. We got to look into space with the awesome telescopes they have. The camera was in the car by this time because the girls got tired so Rob and I took turns in the car with them watching a movie on a laptop while the other was with Travis checking out the telescopes. I think it was too late for the girls to go out (I don't think either of them got much from it but we knew this before we left). Demi did sit quiet for the lecture (that shocked me). I think Travis really enjoyed this trip and learned a lot from it. I was surprised watching him in the lecture. We sat in the very back row (knowing we would have to take out at least one of the little child during the program a seat in the back by the door was our quick way out to keep the little ones from disrupting others). I noticed Travis stood up to get a clear view every time the screen changed (he needed to see over the tall people's heads). He sat quietly, paid attention, and was happy to listen and learn. I am so proud of him. He is growing up so fast! I wonder what happened to that boy with ants in his pants who couldn't be quiet or sit still for 5 minutes? I guess growing up changes a child. I never thought he would learn to sit still!


reprehriestless warillever said...

So cool. Travis is growing so much!

Amber said...

Reprehriestless,Yes! Travis grew up so much in just a couple months time! I imagine your little ones are growing quickly also. I am going to stop by your blog and see the fun things you have been doing and see how your children are growing right after I finish making dinner.