Thursday, January 18, 2007

About my last post

I got some sleep (a little) and I am now worried my last post might offended people. I don't want to offend anyone! I think everyone has a right to have their own beliefs! I have never heard someone say "can you believe she calls herself a Christian" said by someone who is Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, or anything else. I have never heard a person who follows another religion say to someone of the same religion how could you drive over the speed limit and call your self such and such in faith. KWIM? I don't know why some Christian's have separated themselves and even hurt each other in doing so. If you are a Christian and feel you need to do that OK that is fine but PLEASE don't get NASTY with me. I look it this way we are all human and make mistakes. I myself make TONS of them. Keep reading my blog I talk all the time about them. I do NOT share this thinking that the Christian faith means you can't make mistakes or need to be JUDGED by all. BTW.... I am not trying to put down Christians either! I think we are all people who all have the same goal of teaching our children. To me that is all that matters with my blog. I hope you all understand! Sorry to ramble! I just felt I needed to explain my thoughts.

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