Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some of our Day.

Our Demi-Do playing with her bocks.

Travis doing some school work.

His school work has a LOT of writing. I know he is only 6 and his hands are not strong enough to do all the writing yet. I have him do his writing page, write his spelling words, and write a history narration. His other classes all have some amount of writing. What we do to make this easier for him is Science he can cut with scissors the lesson title, materials needed, and the procedure from a printed page. He then will write what he saw and what he learned. If he had a lot of writing that day I will even print out a picture of what he saw and let him staple that to the page. I feel the "goal" in doing Science is for him to explore and learn. I don't feel that writing and hand strength have to be a part of it. KWIM? I do this kind of thing for many subjects. History is sometimes done with photos, drawing, and such. We have done spelling with magnet letters or felt letters. We then can focus on writing during writing class. Travis will tell me he wants to write out his subjects a lot of the time. I guess he knows what he is able to do. This is what works for us. Please understand I am NOT telling YOU what to do! Next week I might think this isn't the right choice for but it has been working well for us so far. As long as it works we will stay with it.

Some pictures of his experiment.

Maybe you noticed in all the pictures so far Demi is in her pajamas? She refused to let me take them off. I didn't think fighting with her over what she wanted to have on was something I needed to do so she had them on until after lunch. LOL! This is picture of her after I got her dressed. She is holding the PJ's yelling NO! NO! She didn't want me to wash them. She wanted to keep them.

This is her sleeping with them. She fell asleep on her own and then I got the PJs to wash. All is well once again in my house. She forgot all about them the rest of the day.

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