Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lots of Hats

Travis was in the yard protecting us ladies today. Isn't he a handsome Knight? It is COLD so he HAD to wear a hat. He was not happy that his helmet wouldn't fit well but he worked around it. Demaris and I felt so safe knowing that the dragons, thieves, and other dark evils couldn't get near us.

Demi had fun looking at this catalog. She spent a LONG time reading it on the floor. It took me some time to realize that she liked it because it has LARGE LETTERS all over it. It is the catalog for Handwriting without tears. Hmmm..... She is in love with letters right now (most letters she calls the wrong names still) I should get out our HWT set. We have all the wooden pieces and cards already. I used them when Travis was little. I think she will have fun with it. That is if she uses them to make letters and not decide hitting her big brother in the head with the wood blocks more fun. LOL!

This is Demi doing one of her favorite things! She LOVES to vacuum! This is a bissell broom I got about 5 years ago for Travis. I have one of the poles out so it is child size. Both my children like to use this all the time. They fight over it...... I am such a lucky Mom! My children both still think cleaning is fun to do! Shhhh... Don't tell them I don't like to do it! They think I LOVE to clean so they fight to have the fun I get to have all the time. LOL!

All of the rest of the pictures are of our hats. We are doing a hat theme right now. We all made hats today LOTS and LOTS of hats. We sang Yankee Doodle and read Cat In The Hat. We will need our hats for our adventure tomorrow! One needs an adventure hat for a great adventure and we have plans to go on a Expotition to the North Pole tomorrow (Winnie the Pooh story).

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