Thursday, January 18, 2007

Expedition to the North Pole and Busy Box #6

I LOVE Pooh adventures. I wish someone would have told me about the WONDERFUL original Pooh stories before my oldest was born. I only knew of the Disney cartoons from when I was a child. I wish I would have read them to my son from birth. I am sad to say we didn't read them at all until my son was around 3 1/2. I am very happy that my little daughter has heard the pooh adventures from birth. If you haven't read The World of Pooh by A. A. MILNE you should take a look at it. Anyway, This is our adventure we had today......

We went on a trip with Pooh to the North Pole. We started out with Pooh singing Ho! For the life of a Bear. We went to see what Christopher Robin was doing.....

We saw Christopher Robing with his Big Boots and everyone knows with Big Boots an adventure is going to happen.

We put on our explorer hats.

and our boots.

Pooh told Rabbit that we are going on an Expotition to a pole or something.

We got our provisions and are now all ready to go.

We all met at the top of the forest even all of Rabbit's friends-and-relations came along. We head Pooh sing us a song and it was fun and silly. UNTILL......

Christopher Robin said hush then everyone said hush all down the line, until it got to the last one (Rabbits smallest friend and relation). When he saw everyone saying Hush to him he buried himself in a crack in the grown and stayed for two days.

We then came to a stream with high rocky banks and we all saw how dangerous it was.

Christopher Robin said we had to stop and eat our Provisions so we didn't have so much to carry.

OH NO! Roo's fallen in!!!

Roo wanted everyone to see him swimming!

Pooh got something to put across the stream.

Roo drifted up against it.....

and climbed out.

We stuck the pole in the ground and Christopher Robin tied a message on it


That ends our adventure for today. We are putting it all in the bucket to have some new expotitions tomorrow. OH! This is my new BUSY box! Busy Box #6 All I have to do is set it on the floor and one or both of my children can make up an adventure to go on. They will use this until all the things are worn out and torn I'm sure.

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