Monday, January 01, 2007

Setting up learning areas

I was on the phone with a friend today who was talking about organizing. I decided to follow her lead. I got some cubes from a room upstairs and brought them down for the playroom. We weren't making good use of them and we already had them so it didn't cost anything. I will have to let you know how this works out. This is the same system we had for my son when he was her age BUT he wasn't as wild as my little girl is.

This is right behind my sofa (my living room and play room are kind of the same room). I am using the back side of the room for a play area. This is a cheap cubby from walmart or Lowe's it is a closet maid piece. I have some books, shape sorter, coffee can with sensory balls, and her Elmo reading chair.

This side has books, magnet set, puppets, bristol blocks, the end has my busy boxes, music boxes, farm set, with some other things. Again it is a few closet maid cubbies the long ones on the end are just shoe racks.

This picture shows more shoe racks. This end has her duplo leggos in the basket on top. Trays on top shelf hold her brown bear set, felt pieces, and monthly theme toys. Next shelf down hold mega blocks. Shelf below that has sorting, stacking and some sensory toys. Buckets on floor have little people and other little fisher price stuff in them. On the end is some more of my busy boxes made with coffee cans.

This is the stuff I didn't have room for. I don't know what I am going to do with this stuff. Our heater doesn't get HOT. It only gets warm so toys can be on it for now.

This is embarrassing! This is our wall we decorate. Ummm.... My sewing machine is in the way because our Christmas tree went in the spot I keep my sewing machine. What is on the wall??? I fell WAY behind! This is our November tree of thanks still up! I will take it down and start a new thing for Jan. I cover the wall with paper (I get the end rolls free from our local news paper) Then the children can draw, paint or tape crafts on it.

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