Thursday, January 18, 2007

Supplies we used for Trip to North Pole and my views on Copyright Laws.

We used a map print out of the world. If you haven't made a HUGE map for your wall or floor yet you can print them out IT IS FREE and LOTS of fun!! My children Like to use the maps to walk, dance, use paper dolls or solders, play stuffed animals, build buildings on, put animals/plants/and cultural things on it, and to color/paint/label on them on the wall or the floor is fun. You could laminate them, use them to make rugs and LOTS more. OH! BTW this site also has learning letters, learning letter sounds, knight games, castles, and lots of other fun kid stuff! We LOVE that site!

I made up our little Pooh friends by doing a Google free clip art search. This site has TONS! All I did was print them out, cut them apart, and stapled them to small pieces of card stock. QUICK and EASY!

Just a note about me using free clip art.... I feel that it is legal to print out small amounts of things to use for education. I feel that is why the library has a photo copier in it. I own the book and I do recommend that others buy the book. My husband and I have debated for many years copy right laws! I try not to break them. I am sorry to say that I have in the past crossed the line but I know better now so I try NOT to make the same mistakes. If you think I am crossing the line now I want you to know that I am NOT telling others to do something AGAINST what they believe in!!! I feel I own the book and I am ONLY using my props to teach my own children. I am NOT selling the products I make! I do recommend others to purchase the book so in my eyes I am trying to help the book sales in doing this! BTW.... YES! I do call myself a Christian I know some people MIGHT say.... She does this I think it is against the law and to think she calls herself a Christian (a saying I don't like to hear people use). My reply to that is.... I do what I feel it right. My husband supports me. My husband and I have the copy right debate every few months in my house. We debate until we both agree. If he feels something I am doing is WRONG I do apologise and stop doing it. I am happy to say he is ALWAYS willing to hear my side and TOGETHER we decide what is right for our family. I feel that I DON'T judge others with what they feel is right and wrong. I might think some of the things YOU do will NOT work for my family but I don't judge YOU in your way of doing! To me I do what I feel is right just like you do. I feel that driving the speed limit for ME is right. I challenge you to catch me driving over the speed limit! I DON'T JUDGE anyone who goes over the speed limit! They are doing what they feel is right. SO please don't write me a nasty note on how you feel I am not a GOOD Christian! You can write me info on how you view the copy right laws and I will share it with my hubby but I can't promise that I will change MY view. I guess you can tell that I have been hurt by others from words said to me about my views on this. I hope that me making my VIEWS on this clear to prevent NASTY letters sent to me.

Now back to my supplies. I printed out 3 maps of the 100 acre wood.

Boots, honey on bread (my son calls is manna to eat with Bible lessons when we use flat bread), explorer hats, book The World Of Pooh By A.A. MILNE, play tunnel (bought 4 years ago at a family dollar it was around $9 new), Sofa cushions and pillows, blue construction paper, wrapping paper core, string, an old Easter bucket (to hold the stuff when we are done to use for more adventures later), and some dowel thing we got years ago from the dollar store (might be a drying rack of some kind).

I didn't buy anything. Our adventure cost me $0. I was running low on tape after Rob put the map together SO I stapled the Pooh friends to card stock. I was low on card stock so I printed on regular paper and then made small card stock stands to stand them up (folded paper). If we didn't have the tunnel we would have used a blanket to hide in.

Our adventures cost a lot less than they did when my son was little but I think they are more fun NOW because we have 2 children going on them and finding ways to make things ourselves to use without spending money is fun.

Note about this post and the posts
Expedition to the north pole and busy box #6
Some of our day, Snack time
Getting ready for the north pole

Are all a glimpse into a fun day at our house. I am sorry to say that NOT all days are full of fun. I know you have seen and will see some of the not so fun challenges in my house on this blog. I noticed from posting ALL this that snapping pictures all day long and posting them to this blog takes more time than I have. I don't think I will ever try to post this much again unless I get high speed Internet. The getting ready for the trip to the north pole is posted on the wrong day because I had a draft copy of our Cat in the Hat theme I was trying to load pictures on. I got tired and went to bed because blogger wasn't uploading my pictures. In the morning I forgot it was Cat in the Hat I was posting about. I didn't look at the date of the draft and because lack of sleep I forgot what I had planned to do. I messed up and put the trip to the north pole in that spot. I am sorry I will post Cat in the Hat next! I make lots of careless silly mistakes when i am tired. If you notice any writing that doesn't sound right or my spelling is way off in any of this please forgive me. I was up until 3:30 trying to get pictures of our Pooh adventures loaded. My husband is off work tomorrow so I might not get to post anything.

I hope you all have a nice weekend!

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