Tuesday, January 16, 2007

crowns, fermentation, dubba do's (W)

First let me say this is a close up of our crowns. My son didn't like my BAD picture of his crown yesterday. We made them with black construction paper because I didn't have large sheets of other colors. We decorated them with shinny wrapping paper left over from Christmas. Expect us to us this wrapping paper a lot in the next few weeks. I don't feel like taking this small roll up to the attic to put with the other Christmas stuff. LOL!

Science_This was my son's first time experimenting with yeast. I wish I would have got a picture of his face when he noticed his 1/2 full glass grew to the top. LOL! It was funny. Look at this glass. YUCK! The kind of stuff boys LOVE!

This is my little girls art. I should have took a picture of her drawing before this she was saying dubba dubba do over and over and it looked like she was making WWWWWWW or MMMMMMM LOL! I love when children are little and a W is a dubba dubba do! I get mad that I never think to take the pictures of the things I want pictures of until after the moment is gone. Maybe I will have enough sleep tonight to remember to capture the "good" moments in our day when it is happening tomorrow.

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