Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I might be in over my head with this one.

An online friend wrote about having a snowball fight with her children. I remembered when we did that with my oldest. When he was little we had tons of indoor snowball fights with wrapping paper, tissue paper, and newspaper. I talked to my husband the other night about all the fun things we did like that when my oldest was prek age we all have great memories of all the fun stuff we did together. We have no idea why we quit doing lots of it. I think life got busy with 2 children one of the children is school age and I think that we all got so busy we ran out of time. I feel bad that we haven't done all the same fun things with our little girl. She should be able to have the same fun learning time her big brother had. I started to think about ways to make fun NEW memories with her. A few weeks ago we started learning about winter. I have waited, and waited and waited more for some snow. I got tired of wating so I decided to make my own stacking snowman. After a day of thinking up ways on how to make one I decided to try paper mache and let my son help me. I will share my pictures but I want you to know I am NOT good at paper mache so this might not turn out! My goal is for it to be good enough for my daughter who is 1 1/2 to build. If it does work it will not be done until the beginning of next week because it takes forever to dry between layers. I have a feeling we will all laugh at this project! I have been known to do some things that others think of as crazy in the past but this is Even crazy by my thinking!

This is our stack of paper strips.

My son mixing our paste.

This will be the bottom of our snowman. I did this one.

This is the smallest one for the head my son did this one. It looks just as nice as the one I did and he is only 6 years old.

This is the 3 snowman body parts and our huge mess!

For anyone who hasn't done paper mache with a young child yet I want to tell you that YES the mess looks BAD. It only took 2 minutes to wipe up! It takes me 2 weeks to get all the glitter off our floors after a glitter craft so for me I think this wasn't a messy craft at all.

We did put a some more paper on them today. We have added paper rings to make them stackable. I will get pictures of it up tomorrow. I hope once they are dry they will stack. If not I will have to add more paper to shape them into the right shape. I am afraid that this crazy project might take me until spring to finish! LOL!

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Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I love the paper maiche snowman. I was trying to think of way to do a snowman as well and iot just did not occur to me to do paper maiche snowman. I will do that.