Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our weather graph

More of our Groundhog Day plans...
Blogger isn't loading my picture so I will have to just explain it. You can try to click on the x above to see if it will show the picture. Every year (started when my son was around 2 years old) I make a 6 week weather graph for Groundhogs day. We get up before Phil comes out of his hole and we watch him on TV. We then go outside and look for our shadow. Funny part of this is we live in Pa (like groundhog Phil) and often we don't see the same thing Phil sees. We then track the outside temp. We do this the same time every day for 6 weeks to see if silly old Phil knows what he is talking about. My son will tell you that silly Phil isn't good at predicting our winter. LOL! The graph is very simple you could make one in just a few minutes or you could print out mine. My scanner isn't working the best so it isn't the best quality (sorry about that). I have 6 copies. I put our weather at the top. I left the top blank in case someone from another part of the US wanted to use my page. I figured having temp near zero deg. Isn't likely down south. The 2 links below "should" bring up a PDF copy of my weather graph. One graph goes across the other goes up and down. I am doing both because I feel that across is better for my youngest. I can block of the rows that are for other days with paper and let her color in across (Kind of working on reading direction this way). My sons will go up and down and he can show me how the temp goes upward (peaks) over 6 weeks when they are laying side by side. I am not feeling well so I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. I know they explain themselves if you see them..

This is the one my 6 year old will be using. I have 6 copies so he can track the next 6 weeks.

This one goes across I will be using this one with my youngest again I printed out 6 of them,
If they don't work let me know. I am sorry that last time I posted a PDF file I had the link right then I messed up and changed it to the wrong one then when I tried to change it back I messed up again and deleted the entire post! I hope this time I get it right the first time. I will have to publish this to see if it is right or not! Fingers crossed!

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