Friday, January 19, 2007

Cat in the hat style hat

I wanted to make a Cat in the hat style hat for my children. I thought for a few days on how I was going to make the pattern and what fabrics I have around to use. During this time I started to think that it would be more fun if my children could make them. My children are not able to use my sewing machine so I went off to the kitchen tonight to see what supplies I could find. This is what I came up with.

1 large coffee can
1 paper plate
2 sheets of red tissue paper
1/4 sheet of white tissue paper

Take the can and trace it on the plate. The plate I used was Styrofoam but any paper plate will work.

Cut out the circle

Cut strips of red tissue paper. I cut under 1/2 of a sheet of tissue paper. This step isn't needed if you want your hat to have the color rim your plate is. You could paint the plate if you want.

I used a tiny amount of glue and wrapped my strips of red tissue paper around the plate.

This shows other ways (more kid friendly). My son will most likely use squares because that is how he does things most of the time. For my 18 month old I will have her pinch squares and then push on the plate in my glue spots. I think this makes a nice flower look and it is a way that children as little as a year old can do crafts. I love doing flowers with tissue squares with my children when they are little.

Take a sheet of tissue paper folded in half and it fits exactly around the coffee can. Tape it shut.

Fold down the extra paper at the bottom of the can (top of the hat). I used tape to hold it down. Glue would have worked.

cut triangles in excess paper at the other end and glue it down flat.

Cut strips of white tissue paper and tape or glue them on.

If you don't drink coffee you could use paper to make the hat. I plan to make smaller ones with ALL kinds of food containers I have in the house. LOL! You could use paper, cardboard, paint, or card stock to cover the can. Wrapping paper would make some FUN hats! Have fun!

I will try to get pictures of how my children's hats turn out and pictures of them wearing them soon. My children (even the 18 month old) will be able to decorate them the way they want so it should be fun to see how they turn out! I think I will have my little one will decorate before I attach the 2 pieces. If I give it to her put together she will take it apart and find that more fun than decorating it!

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