Saturday, January 06, 2007

Busy box #3 again.

If you go WAY back in my old post you will see my busy boxes. I had planned to put one in a week but I got off track. I wrote busy box #3 was a box with cookie cutters and that I had activities to go with it. I am sorry I never wrote about the activities to go with any of my busy boxes. I will try to do that then add in some more busy boxes.

Sorry about the bad picture. It is just cookie cutters and 3 colored papers to match. I cut out shapes to match the cookie cutters in colored card stock. I use this to
1. match the cutter to the paper shape.
2. name colors on paper
3. count the paper shapes. We are only working on counting to three right now so that is why we only have 3 of each.
4. Name of object. My girl is young so we are still working on names of lots of things.
5. making patterns using the shapes and colors.
6. When she gets bored of them we decorate them with crayons, markers, glitter, ribbon, stickers, and such to make them new. When she is tired of the decorated ones I use different cookie cutters and new papers.
If you don't have colored card stock you could use white and color it your self or even boxes from your kitchen and color them with paint, markers, tissue paper and such.


AmySue said...

Amber - you are GOOD! I HATE cutting stuff out!

Nina said...

I just discovered your site. I love the idea of busy boxes. I have busy zip lock bags that I throw in my purse whenever we go out. We have about 8 bags that I rotate. There are all sorts of fun and educational things in the bag. Mostly they are full of the little "junk" that seems to enter our home. I find it is a great way to turn junk into something special.